In acting auditions, it’s as much your game as anyone’s. You have to bring your A-game to get the role you want. However, with so many actors out there, it is a bit of a challenge. Thus you have to be extremely well prepared. You can feel more confident auditioning for your dream role with these very helpful tips:


1. Nail a shorter piece with more range.

Focus on a short script that shows the contrast and depth in a character’s personality and abilities. A minute is long enough to show your range if you pick the right piece that you connect the most with.
In some cases, you can choose to do two short pieces in different tones (i.e. classical or comedic) to display your versatility and other acting skills.

2. Look for a non-cookie cutter monologue.

Choosing your piece is crucial in nailing your auditions. Source a monologue that hasn’t been taught to you in your acting class. It’s also advisable not to perform scenes from a famous movie or from a recent play, because chances are, a fellow aspirant or two is/are also planning to use it. Instead, work your way back by choosing what type of character you want to play and search the books, libraries, or the web for the perfect fit. Trust me on this one, your casting director will be happy when you act out an interesting piece. Read more about what casting directors want here.

3. Link your character to yourself.

tips-master-auditons-actorThe most important thing in playing a role is how you can tell the character’s story through you. You act as a vessel to this whole new person you’re bringing into life. Therefore, it is imperative that you find a link between you and your character that can spark a fire when you’re in that audition room. List down the similarities and differences between you and your character and work your way into making you and your character one.

4. Opt for comedic pieces.

Most actors would immediately choose a tearful or an emotion-laden script to perform in hopes of appealing to the casting director’s shared flare for drama. But a comedic and light piece can just as easily blow them away if it’s well delivered and well timed.

5. Look for an inanimate object to focus on.

You are pretty much going to nail this audition at first by going solo so there won’t be anyone to bounce off your lines from. Find a focal point/s where you can direct your lines at (whether your character is speaking to one or more people) to avoid awkward gazes at the casting team’s face. You can choose a wall, a chair, the camera or anything at eye level.

One great reason why you can do this instead of looking at your casting team is it can become extremely distracting to both of you once they squirm or write something down while you scream at them with a really intense line.

6. Be yourself.

This may be the most predictable tip in this list but it does make sense. Rod Judkins once pointed out that “creative people are prepared to be themselves. They make the most of their own experiences, whether good or bad.useful-tips-master-acting-auditions The advantage of being themselves is that they are original. There is no one like them. This makes whatever they do unique.”

Casting directors want to see real people in front of them at the end of the day no matter what character you portray. They need to see and feel that you’re fun, competent, reliable just as how much talented you are.

7. Let go of the need to please.

Begin every performance, be it in an audition, on-stage or on-camera, with a conscious and easy effort to breathe. This helps open up your lungs and rid of the nerves that may loom. Stand straight and confident knowing that your personality alone is the one they all want to see.

Follow these tips but don’t forget to revel in your chosen piece and do it like it was the performance of a lifetime. What do you do to nail your auditions? Do you have any special pre-audition rituals? Spill!