Auditioning for a role is always a nerve-wracking experience. You’re up against many talented actors, so you need to stand out. The best way to truly stand out is to choose a monologue that depicts who you can be as an actor. Here as some tips to choosing the perfect monologue for your next casting call:


1. What Has Had a Big Impact In Your Life Recently:

Choose a monologue that depicts your life at the moment. What was a big change you recently went through? It also doesn’t have to be something too drastic of a change, but maybe you’re trying to cook more? or maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby like running half-marathons. Take from your own experiences and translate that to a monologue of a character that has overcome a similar obstacle or who went through something similar. 

2. Choose an Active Monologue:

You don’t want to be that person who stands in front of the casting crew and recites a paragraph long monologue. Remember, these people are seeing hundreds of actors do their monologue. You want to engage them so you will stand out more. However, be cautious when doing an active monologue as you don’t want to be over-dramatic. 

3. Choose a Professional Piece:

What does this mean? Well as Melissa Hillman writes, “don’t choose pieces that are full of graphic violence sex or offensive language.” After all, what is a casting audition? It’s a job interview. You wouldn’t use that sort of language at a job interview, why use it during an acting job interview? It’s often taken in bad taste. You will be memorable, but not for the right reasons. To read more about Hillman’s advice click here

4. Don’t Experiment:

Why shouldn’t you experiment? Unless you have a skill that you’ve truly mastered and have been revered about it, don’t whip out some mediocre skill that will leave the casting team unimpressed. It is best to play it safe, but only up to a point of course. It’s a double edge sword that needs to be tread lightly. 

How do you pick your monologues? What inspires your to pick your monologue? Share your storied below!